Isochrone Interpolation

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MIST Version



Linear Scale Log10 Scale Age unit is years; available range is 5 ≤ log(Age[yr]) ≤ 10.3
Single age
Range of ages from to in steps of
List of ages (space separated)
MIST standard age grid (107 ages for 5 ≤ logAge ≤ 10.3 in 0.05 dex steps)


NOTE: [Fe/H]=[Z/H] for v1.2 since all models have solar-scaled abundances. This represents the initial bulk metallicity, computed assuming the Asplund et al. 2009 protosolar abundances where Z=0.0142.
[Fe/H] = (-4 ≤ [Fe/H] ≤ +0.5)

Output Options

NOTE: All synthetic photometry files include the following columns: #EEP, age, initial mass, logTeff, logg, logL, and surface Z. See README_TABLES for more details about the available columns. The zero points depend on the photometric system—check the file headers for details.
Synthetic Photometry
For Synthetic Photometry Only:
Extinction Av = (0 ≤ Av ≤ 6; CCM89 with Rv=3.1)